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Created on Fri, 08 Nov 2013

The reason I love coding so much is that it's the immediate gratification of seeing something done so quickly after you learn it. Make the pixels move the way you want, when you want. Sometimes you are so excited of what you just learnt that you don't even read the whole documentation - just go and experiment... Sometimes? Well, usually.

And that brings us to prototyping. It involves experimenting with the technologies, trying to find the limits of the chosen framework, programming language or library and not caring how terribly things may break. It's like being an architect with infinite supply of free bricks and manpower. How good is that?

Of course, from serious SE point of view, it's lowering the risks as you go and try to experiment first before building the system. As Fred Brooks says in the Mythical Man Month, the first system never works. So here is the chance to throw away safely the first system and do the real work afterwards. Prototyping is cool, it brings you to those childhood days where you were not afraid of doing things, go as broad as your mind wishes and then see where the limits of the Universe are. It's fun.

I also rewrote another famous song. There is my weekly entry.

Let's Prototype

Hi - Hi! We're Glasgow CS students (Ah-huh)

And we've got neews for you (you better listen)!

*Get ready, all you lonely coders,

and get those pens and papers from home!

Meriment is rising - risks are getting low (oh-oh)

According to all the slides, the sandbox's the place to go

Cause tonight for the first time

We're gonna grab a black pen (grab a pen)

For the first time in PSD

We're gonna start prototype! (and rise the hype)

Let's Prototype! Hallelujah! - Let's prototype! A hype!

I'm gonna code now, I'm gonna make myself get

Straight into ideas' net!

Let's prototype! Hallelujah!

Let's prototype! Again and again!

Draw, spike, code - I like

Incremental prototype!

This is an evaluation, to which I'll say adieu

I took it to Boyd Orr seven... and I did what I had to do

I learnt every language and made myself apply

Because each and every program could be typed in vi!

Let's prototype! Hallelujah! - Let's prototype! A hype!

Let's prototype!! Hallelujah!

Let's prototype!! Hyyy----pe!