Week девет

Tags: English, university
Created on Sun, 01 Dec 2013

The second sprint didn't go so well as the first one. Maybe because of the many assigments that are due really soon and (naturally) everyone does everything in the last possible or beyond last possible moment. Another reason may be because we had to learn a framework for a week in between all of that. Spring is not hard, in fact, it looks extremely nice framework (maybe except the fact that it relies a lot on Java annotations which IMHO make the already hard to follow nature of the Java code even more unreadable). But otherwise the tutorials on the webpage are easy enough the follow and I also attempted doing one of the long tutorials - really nice, easy as a song (as we like to say in my home country).

Anyway, we were able to finish the prototype and we didn't spend too much time on goldplating the code and making it look pretty. It was mentioned in the specifications that this is not an HCI so we didn't want to wrap it in bootstrap or whatever css library we stumbled upon. I personally usually have the tendency to make the code look pretty on the back and in the front, most of the time in useless scale, but I think this semester taught me out of it, which was something that I wanted to change in me anyway. I think we were able to quickly skim through the specifications of the Spring framework, make our way around it, quicly distribute tasks among people which I wouldn't have been able to do in the beginning of the year now that I look back at it.