The Shape of the Universe

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Created on Wed, 19 Feb 2014

(Originally posted in useless Univerisity blog)

The shape of the universe is the local and global geometry of the universe, in terms of both curvature and topology (though, strictly speaking, it goes beyond both). (Wikipedia)

Astrophysicists have been trying for decades to identify the shape of the Universe through various observation techniques and tons of useless calculations. Most of them think now that it's flat. However yesterday, I have discovered the real shape - a revolutionary, never before thought of, groundbreaking and yet not so much surprising result that will change the way we are thinking about everyday stuff like butter.

Bear with me for the revelation of this unusual story. I will go with a step by step proof, with a methodology of the scientific method applied at every step. It is an interesting read that I believe will enlighten the 0.26 people that are reading this blog. Here we go!

Conclusion: we did everything wrong and we won. What does that have to do with the shape of the Universe, a Plank constant amount of people would ask. We continue our observations.

All right?

Right, OK? (173 times per hour...)

The shape of the Universe is хуй.

Small font for Mr Singer and Mr Storer: I have included external references which may confirm or contradict what Mr Storer or Mr Singer say respectfully. I have included how I might tackle problems differently to avoid the problem. See self.this blog post for example. I am very critical of the material in the lectures - they are useless, completely wasting mine and 100+ people's time on Mondays and other days of the week, completely missing the point. You CANNOT separate work in a team because part of the team will never do what is supposed to do and CANNOT hope to resolve issues the night before if the team includes Robert and the University is completely unable to deal with him or provide us with a guidance. Although the mention of the Robert is linked to a particular facebook profile, I will say in this small font that this is completely not intentional and any similarity between a name and particular person is completely coincidential. Democracy say I can do that. This is clearly a methaphor of a person who does no work and which exist in about 100% of the teams in University. One of the reasons that parasites can pass freely from one year to another because the University is not able to filter people who cannot do work and allows everyone. Why is that - money. After this note, I have covered all the suggestions sent in an email and therefore demand to have the highest grade for this blog. Thank you!