Week 90n

Tags: English, university
Created on Tue, 11 Mar 2014

Formal Methods in Software Engineering. From what I got from the lecture, this is a mathematical way to describe requirements and the process of developing software.

Here are some links that completely taught me about formal methods:

Of course, that's next to the brilliant lecture slides and note materials. [TODO: Pile of bricks]

This can be useful in safety critical systems and security systems. We were introduced to the idea of the Object Constraint Language. I was left with the impression that the proves can be so hard and tricky, generated from a computer, that it's hard to understand it as a human. However software tools are really not mature enough to work with. Therefore it's a good idea, but without much practical applications.

Other good ideas without much practical applications:


Did we pass the phase where we were learning useless stuff for some practical application (like learning how to be semi-interested in a manager meeting) and went into the learning useless stuff for no practical reason?

How I would do things differently is spend some energy into teaching us how to become our own bosses. The idea goes like this: if banks (for example) wants us to know these stuff but everyone is complaining, then get rid of the banks and you'll get rid of complaining students. Just saying.