Challenge accepted!

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Created on Mon, 13 Oct 2014

Inspired by the Barney Stinson character from “How I met your mother” TV series, I decided to run a marathon today. This story came about during this weekend and, similarly to the show, I was bet against being able to run (thanks to the person for the bet). And as I said previously, I love the short plans thing, so I just followed the advice:

Step 1. - Start running.... there is no step 2.

And it worked! 42.195 km in 5 hours 5 minites.

Now, on another topic, I slightly derailed from my “deactivate my facebook for two weeks” experiment because of the hackathon that we were organizing this weekend. But I am not going to allow the broken window theory to completely destroy it. So, I am off the virtual social world until 25 October. This will be a topic for a future post.