Big Game - score 10 of a Murica movie

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Created on Fri, 08 May 2015

I fell victim to another brainwash called Big Game, an american movie featuring Samuel Jackson's face and the Bratislava Radio Orchestra (epic music guys, worth it!). At the time of writing the movie had 80% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Spoiler alert obviously, although I advise you to save your precious hours on this planet and skip the movie. Unless you have murican flag on your wall, murican pants and tatooed one or more presidents on any parts of your body. Then you will probably like it but just please, stay in your southern state.

The movie starts okay - a boy in some far away, wild country, is to become a man by proving he can hunt on his 13 birthday. The country we later understand is Finland - a country with universal health care.

The boy has a typical character bad day - he doesn't really fit the expectations of his father or his tribe but he is allowed anyway to go and prove himself, a leap of faith provided by a not-so-moving dialogue between the father and the tribe's senior.

We then see the president of the United States of America, the greatest country in the Multiverse, played by Samuel Jackson, an american, riding in the mega presidential airplane of the United States of America, the only country in the Universe together with fighter jets that are ready to fight anyone who doesn't agree with anything Murica says.

Then he is betrayed, plane is shot, communications lost, plane crashes, his staff is killed and he lands in an emergency hatch in the Finish woods where he meets the boy.

The hatch can't be opened from the inside so the president writes the code on the muddy glass from the inside. 1492. Patriotism, madafaka!

The boy opens the hatch and the president, I am not joking asks the boy:

"You don't know who I am?! I am the President!!.... (waits for reaction by the FINISH 13 year old boy)... OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"


I am not especially patriotic about Bulgaria. But I think I might be offended if my country was displayed as a middle of nowhere forest where the people are kind of primates. And Hollywood decided to compare America with Finland... Oh, my Random... Where is Finland compared to M in terms of education, health care, democracy levels?

The movie goes very quickly downhill from there. Turns out there are terrorists who want to... well, we never really understand what they want to. Every scene is full of display of some american flags, satellite live coverage of the situation over the finish forests, panic at the Pentagon, the president claiming stuff as the property of the USA (the greatest... oh whatever). We never understand the characters motivations to kidnap/kill the president, there are just a lot of explosions. Including blowing up a lake for some reason. There is also the ala Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull "Fridge is the ultimate survival place" and a decision by the president to enter a trap plane under water.


Samuel Jackson is cast as the quote "the weakest president in the history", not the badass he knows how to play. Well, he does say at almost the end "Madafa..." but is cut midway I guess cause the movie was made for children. Although it was rated >12.

I understand if the movie should be targeted at children. It could be seen fun and you know, bring patriotism. But then why do we have >12!?!

And how Rotten Tomatoes gave it 80%

Yes, I know it's about money and patriotism and Americans love this. Just I wish we displayed more independent movies or the movies just reverted to telling a good story rather than flashing bombs, explosions and ending the world behind CGI, blue/green screens and maybe flashing actors face (if it's not too much).