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Created on Sun, 06 Jan 2019

During year 3 at University on one of the courses we had to write a blog post every week. I have written a blog before (this one) but 3rd year at University of Glasgow is crazy busy - almost everyone has developed a depression, panic attacks, disorders and has become a goat. I have discovered my old University blog on the interwebs and copied it over to this new/old blog of mine.

Few things of note:

So here are the links to the posts:

It was quite fun remembering what 3rd year was like - it was an absolute hell and has been since then. I still have people complaining about it - it is way too much for a year given that the previous two years are relatively easy going. Add to that the fact that most people are searching for summer internships and start to get the scared feeling of "What the fuck am I going to do in real life" after ~14 years (all of your meaningful life) of education and being told what to do. It's very stressful but maybe it's because reality is quite stressful.