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The forbidden topic

Tags: English, politics
Created on Wed, 14 Apr 2021

#BlackLivesMatter. #MeToo. #WomenInTech. #GenderPayGap.

I'm going to talk about something that may get me fired, dead or worse - canceled. It's the dogma of our time. We do not talk that there are differences between people that may influence their career. We try to fool nature but as Feynman said - "Nature cannot be fooled". As we tried not to care about O-rings that will break under certain temperature that have killed people we try so hard not to care that different people - men, women, gays, blacks and especially - people that have sharp noses vs people who don't - have different capabilities. We talk only about equalizing the playing field. And some parts of it are smart and we need less bias, more understanding of different perspectives that different people bring. But many initiatives are annoyingly stupid and completely detached from reality, trying to fool nature. I'm going to agree with my corp bullshit that I have to swallow everyday, attend brainwashing trainings, listen and read articles that almost no matter what the topic is will claim that certain groups of people (mainly black and women) are the poor sufferers of injustices brought by me. This stupid blog post is the silent modern days' Galileo's "And yet it moves".

Americanisms have brought up a topic that I would never realize to care about. Gender and racial discrimination. Sure, I can relate to the gypsies minority in my own home country and how me, my family and friends have learned to treat "them", creating our own biases and human generalizations that we can try to work out and escape from. But I have not seen a "real" black person until I left my country when I was 19. So all the cultural baggage of "black lives matter" are almost completely incomprehensible to me - it is something, happening somewhere else yet because it's the empire I should care.

But let's get closer to "my home" of expertise:

"There are not enough women in tech".

Honestly, I don't give a crap whether you have a viable birth canal or not. Do you know why I can't SSH to my machine?

I have studied physics in high school where my class had 3 girls. The class above me had 0. Yet it was a girl in my class that was better than me in physics and we competed in competitions and Olympiads and she usually won. It didn't really matter it was a she - she was better in physics, I was a bit better in astronomy.

But you know what? Other than a birth canal, she also had blond hair. Maybe it was actually the hair! We only had 3 blonds in the class and one of them was better than me in physics!

Why do we decide to segregate people in gender or race? Here are a few more of the people that I feel may have more or less representation at the "top of the social hierarchy" (that is usually refered as the bosses or richest people in monetary amount):

Point is: we can segregate in an almost infinite amount of ways. We can put people in as many groups as our human's imagination can work out. We can say that "creating an environment where the voices of people who have not thought of green elephants in two years is toxic, discriminatory and biased, it is not inclusive and doesn't represent the true spectrum of diversity in our world". Replace the above with "women" or "black" and you will have almost every corporate message about "DEI" (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) that exists in corp emails or public statements.

Everyone has different perspective. Trying to equilize representation of everyone is an ideal that can never be achieved. I'm sure that designing software with people who use their spacebar as a heating device will be beneficial to some people.

xkcd's 1172: Workflow

I'm sure that seeing more people with hair in their ears win Oscars will help me understand the diversity we have in our planet.

So what that women are underrepresented in certain areas? Is that what we really want? Do we want equal amount of women to be also in construction jobs? Or mining? Do we want equal amount of women to commit suicide as men? Why do we equalize on certain areas but not others?

Ideally, I also want equal amount of men to give birth as women. This way we can understand more the women's perspective. But we can't. Or we could with modern medicine so why don't we push it? It's ridiculous. Certain people have differences in experience and perspectives - people who believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster should provde their perspectives when writing code.

Okay, I'm "privileged young male in a \"Western\" country" (Human languages don't have the idea of escaping quotes, right?). But I'm also a short, hairy, sweaty and coming from an almost third (or at least second) world country - an underrepresented group that I can claim that feels oppressed and that not enough sweaty people are hired in tech. I want a program that encourages sweaty people - "Sweaty people in tech". I would go there and educate sweaty people that they also deserve to work in tech! That they shouldn't listen to the nay-sayers, that they shouldn't be influenced by Hollywood's misguided ideals of perfection non-sweaty body! They can also learn how to code!

How can that be non-discriminatory?! Why create programs that encourage sweaty people but do nothing for non-sweaty ones? Why the DEI doesn't measure that characteristic! There has been no conclusive research that says that sweaty people are less intellectually capable of coding!

Is it historically that women were "oppressed"? What do I have to do with this, why should I suffer and apologize for what other people have done historically? How is that not more hurtful than what you are trying to do?

I want to be able to read articles without having to think about my pee-pee and whether my ancestors who did have a pee-pee created "great" stuff or whether other people with pee-pees have once again tried to talk dirty with people with birth canals. There are differences between men's and women's biology but there are also differences in people diagnosed with cancer and those with Asperger's syndrome. Stop writing about the only two differences that you can think of in people - namely gender and race - you are actually perpetuating any biases that exist and create ones that haven't existed in people like me who haven't thought about that until you write it in every email and talk in every talk show.

Sure, women and men have different agendas because of pee-pees and vaginas. Claiming that you will act no different if you had a chance of a 9-month period in which you will carry a tumor if you are not careful whose pee-pee you allow in your birth canal VS just going and fucking whatever looks like a hole - is insane. Of course you will think differently about a lot of things in your life! I have an injured knee now for the past month and underwent a surgery that requires me now to go with crutches - I rethink a lot of stupid trivial things how to do them in the past month but it will heal and will get back to "normal" in some time. Of course my sleep suffers. And my mental health. And my job. And I try not to, try to push through whatever I go through and so does every living or dead person on this planet. Claiming that I'm "the same" as everyone else is insulting to everyone else!

So are there intelligence differences between the sexes because of that? Probably - it's extremely hard to measure because we don't have a definition of intelligence. Is there a difference between people who can whistle and people who can't? Probably - it's extremely hard to measure because we don't have a definition of intelligence.

Do I want more women in tech? I don't really care. If they want to - come on in, join the fun of everyday machine telling you how dumb you are. Not everybody wants that. Do I want more women to be CEOs of companies. I don't really care - go on, become a boss and live through the stress of caring for a 100,000 people employees and the pressure of billionaires, countries and state agencies telling you what to do. Not everybody wants that but if they do - let them, don't stop them due to their birth canal or hair in their ears. Maybe stop them if they are dumb - although how is that not a discrimination against dumb people? They also have rights and should be encouraged ... ah, whatever, you get the point.

If this post reaches any public, anywhere, I will have trouble. Thankfully my blog is a complete shitshow mix of Bulgarian, English and posts that are semi-coherent that I can claim insanity.